To whom it may concern:

This report is made to keep the record straight about how Hawaii's new homeschool rules and regulations came about. We have tried to be as accurate and as truthful as possible, since we believe that the TRUTH of any matter is the most important thing.

For the record, the vast majority of homeschool parents in the State of Hawaii are Christians and home school their children because of religious convictions.

From August of 1987 to July of 1988 the Department of Education of the State of Hawaii held several meetings with practicing homeschoolers and others who might be interested in homeschooling. These meetings were held on several Islands, with some Islands having more meetings than others: Hawaii (1); Maui (1); Kauai (2); and Oahu (5). All the meetings held on the Islands of Kauai and Oahu were video and audio taped. The nature of these meetings was basically formulating rules and regulations to govern home-schooling in the State of Hawaii.

The State of Hawaii has a State School System that may be the most centralized school system in the United States. The State School System is over seen by an elected Board of Education comprised of members elected from each Island. The State School System is run by the Department of Education which has a Board Of Education appointed Superintendent in charge of a large group of  "professional educators". Practicing and prospective homeschoolers met mostly with the Superintendent and or his Assistant, with various other State educational officials from the Department of Education also in attendance.

 At all all of these meetings practicing and prospective homeschoolers from the various Islands attempted to persuade the Department of Education officials to recognize the varied views and beliefs of both the practicing and prospective homeschoolers. The consensus of nearly all the practicing homeschoolers was that a religious exemption from the State's compulsory attendance laws would best suit the needs of Christian homeschoolers. Basically there were 3 (three) points of view expressed by the practicing and prospective homeschoolers. The practicing homeschoolers were divided on the issue of State jurisdiction: with approximately half believing that the State had NO authority in this area and the other half believing that the State had some authority albeit that such authority should be LIMITED. There was a sharp division between most practicing homeschoolers and a few prospective homeschoolers. It seemed to us (the practicing homeschoolers) that a few of the prospective homeschoolers were all too willing to give away most of our individual and collective rights so that they could "cut a deal" with the State in order for them to "legally" homeschool. And while we believed that each person had the right
to bind themselves to State rules and regulations, the vast majority of practicing homeschoolers did not believe that the few prospective homeschoolers had the right to represent "homeschoolers" or to give away our rights in the process.

There have been claims by some well known national "authorities" on home-schooling that they participated or had a part in the formulation of Hawaii's home-school rules and regulations. We the undersigned state here forthe record that at no time in all of the above mentioned meetings was any national known "authority" on home-schooling from the mainland U.S.A. ever present to help or assist us in any way. Since these rules and regulations were made for Hawaii residents, we feel that if any person from the mainland U.S.A. did contact the State Department of Education on our behalf that we should have been notified in advance so that we could have approved or disapproved of such person's actions. Video tapes of at least 6 meetings held on the Islands of  Oahu and Kauai are available for review should anyone be interested.


 In The Interest Of The TRUTH,