To The Fifth Circuit Court, County of Kauai, State of Hawaii  (June 1983)

This letter is in defense of my right as a parent to educate and raise my own children
without any interference from the State or itís agencies.


FIRST: [Concerning Religious Rights ]

As a Bible believing Christian I look to the Holy Bible [A.V. 1611-King James Bible (KJB)] as the sole and final, that is the Ultimate Authority in all of life and in all matters of faith and practice. This simply means that I read and study the Scriptures to find out what God wants me to know and what God wants me to do. (II Tim. 2:15; II Tim. 3:14-15).

My faith and trust in the Bible is implicitóthat is it is complete and without question. But to make my position absolutely clear, I will state here and now for the record: I believe the Bible [A.V. 1611-KJV] to be the Holy Word of God without error. I have come to hold this conviction by faith and after many years of study.
#1) I believe that ALL Scripture comes from God and is Inspired by Him. (II Tim. 3:16; II Pet. 1:21)

#2) I believe that God not only Inspired the Scriptures, but that He also has Preserved Them as He promised in Psalms
      12;6&7, and that His Words and His Truth will endure FOREVER. (Ps.110:5; I Pet. 1:25; Lk. 21:33) Remember: God
      is not a man ---- that He should lie. (Numbers 23:19)

#3) I believe that Godís Word is equal to His WORDS. (Jn. 3:34; Jn. 5:47; Jn. 14:23; Jer. 6:19; Ex. 34:27)

#4) I believe that all Christians should hold the Bible in the highest esteem because Godís attitude towards His Word is to
      Magnify It Above His Name! (Phil. 2:9-11; Eph, 1:21; Rom. ;17; Acts 4:12; Jn. 17:6,11, 12&26; Jn. 12:28; Ps.148:13
     PSALMS 138:2)

#5) I believe it is my duty and responsibility as a Christian to follow the Words of the Bible before the words of any institution:
      be it school, church or state. (Acts 4:18-21; Acts 5:27-29 and the many other Biblical examples)

#6) I believe the Bibleís Authority exceeds and supersedes the authority of any man, any school, any church, any government
      or any government agency. And that while the Bible teaches Christians to obey the 'law' (I Pet. 2:13-17; Rom.13:1-4). The
      Bible also teaches Christians that where 'men's laws' come into conflict with the BibleĎs clear teachings that my duty as a
      Christian is to obey God rather than man.(Acts 5:29). Ultimately I will answer to God for the things that I do in this world.

#7) I believe the Bible instructs me as to what my attitude towards IT should be: Praise It - Ps. 56:10; Hide It in my heart -
      Ps. 119:11; Esteem It - Ps.119:128; Meditate on it - Ps. 119:148; Rejoice in It - Ps.119:162; Keep It - Ps.119:158;
      Be amazed at It - Ps. 119:161; Speak It -Ps.119:172; Preach It - II Tim.4:2; Hold It fast - II Tim.1:13; Rightly divide It -
      II Tim.2:15; and Desire It - I Pet.2:2.

#8) I believe that since the Bible clearly claims to be: Pure - Ps.12:6&7; Tried - Ps.18:30; Right -Ps.33:4; Powerful - Ps.33:6;
      Forever - Ps.33:11: Sweet - Ps.119:103; The Light - Ps.119:105; True - Ps.119:160; Righteous - Ps.119:172; Faithful -
      Titus1:9; Sure - II Pet.1:19; A Fire and A Hammer - Jer.23:29; Quick (Alive) and A Sword - Heb.4:12 as a Christian I
      should look to GodĎs Word as my Supreme Guide.

#9) I believe that the Bible teaches that it was by GodĎs Word that all of the Creation came about. (Gen.Chapts.1&2;
      Heb.1:1-3; Jn.1:1-3&10; Heb.11:3)

#10) I believe that the Bible instructs us that Godís Word Does the following: Cleanses - Ps.119:9, Jn.15:3; Keeps us from
        sin - Ps.119:11; Gives Hope - Ps.119:43; Quickens - Ps.119:50; Gives Comfort - Ps.119:50; Upholds - Ps.:119:130;
        Judges - Jn.12:47-48; Builds - Acts20:32; Works -1 Thess.2:13; and SAVES - I Pet.1;22-25. As a Christian I have the
        duty and obligation to KEEP His Word as best as I can, and to follow His Word as close as is humanely possible.

#11) I believe that according to the Bible Record, God instituted the Family long before He instituted Government.
        (Gen.1:26-2872:21-24) The Bible clearly teaches that ONLY ONE MAN and HIS FAMILY were saved from the
        Biblical Flood (Gen.6:13-18 and Gen.7:23). Down through Bible History the importance of the Family has been
        paramount in Godís plans. God called one man to become the father of the Jewish Nation (Gen.12:1-4) and it
        was through this man and his Family that God dealt with mankind for many centuries (Gen. 13:14-17, 16:7-8, 26:3-5
       and Gen. 49:29-33)

#12) I believe the Bible is clear on the relationship between Parents and their Children and between the Family and
        government. Nothing is said in either the Old Testament or the New Testament that parents are under any obligation to
        have the government or its agencies Ďeducateí their children. To the contrary: There are numerous Warnings to GodĎs
        people not to associate with "outsiders" and not to intermarry with unbelievers.(II Cor.6:14-18) Godís people are not to
       copy the things of unbelievers or do what unbelievers do. (Gen.24:1-9, 37-38; Gen.28:1-5; Ex.12:43-47; Deut.13:6-14,
       18:9, and 20:18; Josh.23:11-12, and 24:20-23 etc.)

       It should be clear to most reasonable men and women, that of all people, the parents' of a child should normally have their
       childís best interests at heart. [after all our children are our own  flesh and blood]. There is NO ONE outside of GOD
       Himself who truly cares as much about about a child as his natural mother and father. (Matt.7:9-11)

       Further more, it should also be clear that no paid government employee can possibly love, care or have the affection for a
       child that that childĎs natural parents have. For what parent is there, other than an infidel (I Tim.5:8), who is not first
       and foremost interested in the welfare of his or her children? Is there, or could there be, any comparison to the care a
       hired person has for a child as compared to that of the childís natural parents? (Jn.10:12-13)

 #13) I repeat........There is no place in the entire Bible where Christians are told to hand over their children to unbelievers to
         'teach' them or 'educate' them. Instead, the Bible instructs parents that it is OUR Duty and OUR Responsibility to bring
        up OUR OWN children and to teach and guide them in the ways of The Lord and to keep them from unbelievers. It is
        the parents responsibility to bring up their children and to insulate them from unbelieving outside influences. (Deut. 4:9-10,
        8:3 and Matt.4:4; I Tim.3:4; II Tim.2:1-4; Eph.6:4; II Cor.12:4 and Ps.78:1-8)

#14) I Believe the Bible teaches that it is the childrenís duty and obligation to obey their parents and avoid unbelieving
        influences. (I Jn.3:7&10; Titus1:6; Eph.6:1-4; Col.3:20; Heb.12:19 and Prov.9:10, and 19:27) In the Bible God has
        left the Christian with many warnings regarding these matters (I Jn.9:11; II Jn.2:15-17; I Pet.2:1; I Pet.1:16; I Pet.1:18;
       Heb.13:9; II Tim.3:17; II Tim.4:3-4; I Tim.6:3-5,20; Col.2:8; Gal.5:9; I Cor.3:19; I Cor.2:14; I Cor.5:6; Rom.12:2;
       Hos.4:6; Ez.20:49; Ez.16:49; Jer.4:22; Jer.10:1-3; Eccl.12:12-13; Eccl.7:20; Prov.16:25; Prov.2:1; Prov.1:7;
       II Cor.11:3; Ps.118:8 and Ps.14:1-3.)


The following comparisons are just some of the areas and subjects that are taught or accepted in the public [government] schools and which are in direct conflict with the Biblical Record:

Uniformitarianism                                                     vs                                             BIBLE
On the Beginning of Matter.                                                                                         (Creation)
['Big Bang' "THEORY" or any                                                                                     Gen.1:10; Is.44:24-25, 45:5-12,
other popularly accepted myth.]                                                                                   Is. 45:18, & 48:12-13; Col.1:6;
II Tim.4:3-4; II Pet.1:16                                                                                               Jn.1:1-14 and Heb.1:10

Evolution                                                                   vs.                                            BIBLE
On the Beginning of Life.                                                                                             (Creation)
[The MANY accepted                                                                                                Gen. 1:11-31, 2:1-25, 5:1-2;
THEORIES ie. fairy tales,                                                                                          Deut.4:32; Is.45:5,9,12; Jn.1:10
on Evolution.] I Tim.6:20

Feminism                                                                   vs.                                            BIBLE
[Most public school teachers                                                                                       Gen.3:16; I Tim.2:11-14;
are women - most of whom                                                                                         I Pet.3;1-5; Col.3:18;
believe in and support the                                                                                            Titus2:3-5; Eph.5:22-24
Feminist Movement, and teach                                                                                    and Prov.31:10-31
their personal biases to all
who are under their tutelage.]

Humanism                                                                 vs.                                             BIBLE
[A Religion and Philosophy                                                                                           Ps.39:5,11; II Tim.3:1-7;
openly taught in the public, ie.                                                                                        Is.5:20-23 and the entire
government schools - Man's                                                                                        Book of Jude
ideas, wisdom, and knowledge,
elevated above GODíS Revelation.]

Socialism                                                                   vs.                                             BIBLE
[the philosophy that says - We                                                                                      I Tim.5:8; and II Thess.3:10-12
should look to government for all                                                                                   Phil.4:19
our sustenance and the solutions
to all of our problems - rather than
GOD and His word (Scriptures).]

Existentialism                                                            vs.                                           BIBLE
[The idea that we have no                                                                                           I Cor.15:32; I Cor.15:12-22;
soul and that when the body                                                                                        Matt.12:36-37; Rev.20:1-15
dies that is the end of man.]

Atheism and Agnosticism                                           vs.                                          BIBLE
[The philosophies that say -                                                                                        Ps.14:1-3; Job 19:25-26;
There is NO God or that God                                                                                     Is. 43:10-12, 44:6-8, 45:5-6,
is unknown or unknowable.]                                                                                       Is. 45:18&21 and 46:9

Reincarnation                                                             vs.                                          BIBLE
[A belief held by many public                                                                                      Heb.9:27 and Lk.16:19-31
(government) school teachers.
Man has a second chance -
or many lives etc.]

Unionism                                                                     vs.                                         BIBLE
[Most public (government) school                                                                               Matt.20:1-15
teachers are members of a union
and will promote union ideals
and philosophies, including dis-
obedience to 'the law' to gain
a material objective - usually
more money.]

Work Ethic                                                                  vs.                                         BIBLE
[Ordinary, everyday work and                                                                                    I Tim.5:8; II Thess.3:10-12;
labor are looked down upon with                                                                                I Thess.4:11
contempt and disdain, or with an
academic superiority, as if it were
a shame to work for a living.]

Homosexualism                                                           vs.                                         BIBLE
[Now accepted by most                                                                                             Lev.18:22 and Lev.20:13
Educators as an acceptable
'alternative life style'.]

Heathen Observances                                                  vs.                                         BIBLE
[The observance (in school)                                                                                        Jer.10:1-3 and Deut.18:9-14
of heathen and so-called
'Christian' holidays, and the
participation of students and
faculty in many of them.]

Materialism                                                                  vs.                                         BIBLE
[The emphasis on 'education'                                                                                      Mark 8:36-37; Matt.4:4;
as a vehicle to obtaining all                                                                                           Matt.19:23-24 and Is.49:6-13
the worldly possessions one
desires etc., and the pro-
motion of these things.]

Government                                                                  vs.                                        BIBLE
[The promotion of government                                                                                     I Pet.2:14; Ps.118:8
intervention in the lives of                                                                                           and Rom.13:1-2
ordinary citizens, and the
idea that government is
responsible for everything
and everyone.}

Husband/Wife Relationship                                            vs.                                       BIBLE
[The popularly accepted modern                                                                                 Titus2:4-5; Col.3:18-19
view of marriage - equal authority,                                                                               and I Pet.3:1-7
womenís equality, etc., - is
openly promoted by teachers]

Parent/Child Relationship                                              vs.                                      BIBLE
[The 'new' view on children:                                                                                        I Jn.3:7&10; Titus 1:6;
their discipline, rights etc.                                                                                            Eph.6:1-4; Col.3:20;
The misconceived THEORY that                                                                                 Heb.12:9; Prov.4:1-3;
children have identical rights                                                                                        Prov.19:27 and Ps.78:1-8
as adults. This view has caused
untold damage to parent/child
relationships: destroying a
parentís rightful and Biblical
position of Authority OVER a
child. The inability of the
schools to exercise control or
discipline over students is the
end result of this ludicrous


As taught in the public (government) schools is neither factual or truthful, since the school will not, or cannot, take into account the Christian principles upon which the Constitution of the United States is based upon (most of the framers were Bible believers). Hence a study of American History in the public schools will invariably end up with a Humanistic bias. Most Christians believe that God has always had an interest in the affairs of men, and in many ways has shaped and influenced historical events.


I believe that most of the curriculum in the public (government) schools is biased in favor of the Humanistic-Philosophy ie. Religion, which is contrary in every way to Christianity in general and to the Bible in particular. It should be clear by now to even the most casual reader that I truly believe that the public (government) school is a threat to my family; our religious beliefs and our way of life. I am concerned that the instruction and the 'socialization' that takes place in the schools can only lead to the alienation of my children from a Biblical education and from the family circle, and that most of the teaching in the schools is contrary to our way of life.Once again the Bible is clear as to what I must do to maintain the kind of environment in which my children should be raised. In I Timothy 6:3-5 The Bible states: "If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; He is pious knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself."


IN CONCLUSION: [Concerning Religious Rights]

Whereas The Bible emphasis for mankind is:      1st. SPIRITUAL
                                                                          2nd. MORAL
                                                                          3rd. PHYSICAL

The public ie. (government) schools
emphasis is just exactly the opposite:                  1st. Physical
                                                                          2nd. Moral [maybe]
                                                                          3rd. Spiritual [forbidden]
                                                                                              [except for Humanism]

(Concerning Religious Rights - Need I say more?)


SECOND: [Concerning Constitutional Rights]

This is to clarify any misconceptions about my Constitutional rights in regards to teaching my own children and raising them without state interference.

There are thousands of parents throughout this nation who are now teaching their children at home. Many of these parents have been threatened, harassed and intimidated by government agencies and the employees of those agencies who think that they know what is best for OUR children.

Whether the schools or the government or itís agencies recognize our rights as parents is inconsequential to those of us who believe that we have the inalienable right (a God given right) to raise our children as we see fit without interference from the state.

The rights that we have as citizens of the United States of America are not given to us by the government but are rights that have been given to us by ALMIGHTY GOD!

Our Declaration of Independence states this Truth so clearly: "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.........."

According to our forefathers, our government did NOT 'Grant' us our rights, but our government was instituted to SECURE our rights. The government today is trying to curtail and strip away our inalienable rights under the guise of promoting the 'General Welfare', that is, government employees 'think' they know what is best for us and our children!

This letter is not meant to castigate the many sincere and devoted teachers that are part of the government school system. I know that many of them want to help children and if education wasn't being controlled by government I believe they would be able to a much better job.

I believe that the 'Compulsory' nature of government schooling is the primary reason for most of the problems in education today. Free men are by nature suspicious of those who have to resort to Force, Coercion and Compulsion in order to attain their ends. When the government attempts to DISPLACE Lawful Parental Authority with itís illegitimate authority it reaps Chaos and Anarchy. When the government tries to SUPPLANT Parental Rights and Authority by compelling children to attend government schools the end result is confusion, disillusionment, lawlessness and apathy.

Why is the above true?, because God instituted the Family (not government schools) to be the primary learning institution for children. The Family was instituted by God to be the NATURAL environment for growing up and learning, whether that learning is secular or religious. Our government is supposed to secure the rights that were given to us by God. Our government is supposed to protect us from those who would deny us our basic rights, not intimidate us and prosecute us for trying to exercise our rights.

This whole issue boils down to a power struggle ------ Who has the Authority? Who has the ultimate Jurisdiction? It is my strong belief and conviction that the State, through itís agencies, is attempting to overstep itís legitimate and constitutional bounds by MEDDLING in the private lives of innocent citizens. I ask that the state do itís job, that is, protect us from evil doers (physical harm) and make my inalienable rights more secure.

Remember, our country was founded upon the principles of Liberty and the concept of Freedom ----- NOT COLLECTIVISM. Our Federal Constitution was written to PROTECT our Liberties and to LIMIT government power. Most Totalitarian governments are not interested in Personal Liberty. Their main concern is the so-called 'public good', and the atrocities and injustices perpetrated by these governments to attain a 'good end' are well known throughout the world.

Patrick Henry once said: "The religion, or duty we owe our Creator, and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, and not by force or violence; and therefore, that all men should enjoy the fullest toleration in the exercise of religion, according to the dictates of conscience, unpunished and unrestrained by the magistrate." He also made these statements: "liberty ought to be the direct end of your government."; The great and direct end of government is Liberty. Secure our Liberty and privileges, and the end of government is answered."; and "The most valuable end of government is the Liberty of the inhabitants. NO possible 'advantages' can compensate for the LOSS of this privilege."



I believe that the Bible makes it clear that I have the right and the duty to raise my children without government interference. I also believe that the Federal Constitution of the United States protects my inalienable rights from being PROSCRIBED by the State or any agency of the State.

I would suggest to each member of the Board of Education that he or she read the Constitution of the State of Hawaii, Article 10--Sections 1, 2, and 3. This is the supreme law of the State (superseding all legislative laws).

Article 10--Sections 1-3 outlines the Jurisdiction of the Board of Education. Which Jurisdiction is limited to the administration of the public (government) schools......and I quoteó"SECTION 3. the board of education shall have the power, as provided by law, to formulate policy and to exercise control over the public school system through itís executive officer, the superintendent of education, who shall be appointed by the board; except that the board shall have jurisdiction over the internal organization and management of the public school system, as provided by law, and shall exercise its jurisdiction in a manner consistent with general laws."

The above statement is very clear : the Board of Education is elected to run the public (ie. government) school system. The Boardís legitimate power ends there!...... Nowhere in the foregoing statement is there even a hint that the Board has ANY power over private education. (and the legislature lacks the authority to extend that power).

If the Board of Education really wants to 'improve' education in Hawaii they should:

1st. Abolish the 'compulsory' nature of public (government) education in Hawaii.

2nd. Provide the maximum opportunities for those who CHOOSE to use your system.

3rd. Stop trying to influence the outcome - leave this to the parents and their children.

4th. Donít confuse Administrative powers with Police powers.


A final word of caution:

The Board of Education is elected to administer the public ie. government schools. You have not been elected to oversee the upbringing of all the children in Hawaii. You are not some kind of Super Parent over us Ordinary Parents. This is supposed to be a free country. We do not have any "Commissars" of Education in free America. Those of us Parents who have chosen to educate our children at home are NOT criminals:

We have not sought to deprive anyone of their Life.

We have not sought to deprive anyone of their Liberty.

We have not sought to deprive anyone of their Property.

We simply want to do what the Bible instructs us to do. We simply want what is BEST for OUR Children. We simply want the state to recognize our rights and cease trying to regulate legitimate Family Functions, something that is outside the stateís legitimate jurisdiction.


Submitted By,
George H. Anderson Jr
George H. Anderson Jr.
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