Just as there are two sides to every coin, there are two sides to every congregation in the modern day Christian churches – i.e. “Ignorance” and “Tolerance”.



·    Ignorance of the Bible (the Holy words of God, i.e. Scripture)

·    Ignorance of Scriptural Precepts & Principles

·    Ignorance of Bible Doctrine

·    Ignorance of Church History

·    Ignorance of the transmission of the text of the Holy Bible


We live in a Humanistic Society which has produced a Godless Culture that is founded upon a “Tolerance” of all things EVIL! Christians’ Ignorance of the Bible (i.e. the Holy words of God) has led to the modern day churches’ (i.e. the congregations’) Tolerance of Evil.



·     A Tolerance of Leaven

·     A Tolerance of Every False Way

·     A Tolerance of False Doctrine (including “divers and strange doctrines”)

·     A Tolerance of Heresy

·     A Tolerance of Prideful Preachers

·     A Tolerance of Authoritarian & Dictatorial Preachers

·     A Tolerance of Preachers Who Add to, or Subtract from, or Change God’s Holy Words

·     A Tolerance of False Accusers

·     A Tolerance of Those Who Cause Division

·     A Tolerance of Those Who Sow Discord Among Brethren

·     A Tolerance of False Teachers

·     A Tolerance of Heretics

·     A Tolerance of Sin

o    Tolerance of Religious Pride

o    Tolerance of Lying

o    Tolerance of Unrighteous Judgment

o    Tolerance of Injustice

o    Tolerance of Idolatry

o    Tolerance of Covetousness

o    Tolerance of Unrighteousness

o    Tolerance of Wickedness

o    Tolerance of Fornication

o    Tolerance of Adultery

o    Tolerance of EVIL


In these days of unbelief and apostasy, it is extremely difficult for a genuine Bible believer not to become a Pharisee (i.e. self-righteous) and end up being “Intolerant” toward sinners. “Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth” [1Corinthians 8:1]. Because we know the truth, we must be extremely careful to balance our knowledge of the truth with Christian charity whenever we interact with people (lost or saved) – this requires spiritual discernment, understanding and wisdom.