RELIGIOUS HUMANISM (Psychiatry & Psychology)


Reject All Of These Biblical Concepts:


1.  God                        (The Triune Godhead as presented in the Bible)


2.  Satan                      (As an existing being – The father of evil)


3.  Angels                   (As existing)


4.  Devils                    (Demons & evil spirits as existing)


5.  Creation                 (The Biblical account) 


6.  Man                       (As possessing three parts – a Body, a Soul, and a Spirit)


7.  The Soul                (As existing and being 1 part of the 3 parts of man)


8.  The Spirit               (As existing and being 1 part of the 3 parts of man)


9.  Evil                         (As Existing - The Biblical concept of)


10. The Heart             (As the seat of a person’s thoughts, imaginations, affections, will, etc.)


11. Sin                         (The Biblical Account of the fall – The sinful nature of all mankind.)


12. Redemption          (All of mankind’s need for Salvation)


13. Signs, wonders, miracles   (As recorded in the Bible)


14. World wide Flood               (The Biblical Account)


15. Division of Mankind          (Into three basic races: Shem, Ham, and Japeth)


16. Accountability       (That individuals are responsible for their own actions – not society.)


17. Judgment               (That a time will come when God is going to judge all of mankind.)


18. Heaven                  (As a place of Eternal Life with God)


19. Hell                        (As a place for Eternal Punishment.)


20. Hebrews – Jews – Israel   (As being God’s earthly chosen people.)


21. Jesus Christ:      (As being the bodily manifestation of the Godhead.)

                                   (As being the fullness of the Godhead bodily.)

                                   (As the Creator of the world and the universe.)

                                   (As the Jewish Messiah.)

                                   (As the only Saviour of mankind and the world.)

                                   (As Rising from the dead.)

                                   (As the Head of the Church – which is His body here on earth.)

                                   (As the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.)


22. The Blood Atonement   (That Jesus Christ’s Blood paid the price for sin – sins.)


23. Born Again         (That a person needs to be born again in order to enter into Heaven.)


24. The Church        (Christ’s Bride – The Pillar and Ground of the Truth.)


25. Marriage            (God’s Institution – Between one man and one woman.)